Habit Tracker for sport & fitness

Make sport & exercise a habit and set yourself motivating goals. Track all your sports and custom habits.

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Habit Tracker - Apple-Health

Automatic habit tracking

Use your data from Apple Health for automatic tracking.

Habit Tracker - Sportarten

Over 80 sports & custom habits

Whether running, cycling or strength training – track all your sports & custom habits!

Habit Tracker - Ziele

Motivating goals

Set yourself motivating goals and improve step by step.

Habit Tracker - Erinnerungen

Flexible reminders

Use reminders so that you never miss a training session.


Automatic habit tracking

Habiz allows you to track your habits automatically via Apple Health without having to enter data manually. For example, if you use an Apple Watch to track sports activities, these workouts are automatically displayed in the app.

You can also use other training and fitness apps. All you need to do is activate Apple Health synchronization. It is also possible to add training sessions manually.

Track over 80 sports & custom habits

You can track over 80 different sports in Habiz or create custom habits.

Whether it’s running, cycling, strength training, swimming or soccer – you’re sure to find your sport here!

Habit Tracker Habiz Sports
Habit Tracker Habiz History and key figures

History of your activities

The history of the last 12 months gives you a good overview of your training success. You can see at a glance how active you were in the respective month.

Key figures such as the number of activities, training duration, average weekly activities and average training duration per week show you whether you are on the right track.

Progress always in view

Charts show you your progress in terms of duration and number of activities at a glance.

If you have set yourself a goal, you can see directly where you currently stand. Choose between weekly and monthly views.

Habit Tracker Habiz Stats
Habit Tracker Habiz Set goals

Set yourself goals

Goals are a good way of staying motivated in the long term and constantly improving.
Choose whether you want a specific duration or number of activities as a goal. Also decide whether you want to achieve your goal every day, every week or every month.

For example, the WHO recommends that adults aged 18 and over should be moderately physically active for at least 2.5 hours per week. Set yourself this as a goal!

Flexible reminders

Set individual reminders for each sport and never miss a training session again.

Choose on which days you want to be reminded and at what time. You can configure the time differently for each day.

Habit Tracker Habiz Reminders

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